Heating Services

The technicians at Michael Mechanical are thoroughly trained in the design, installation, and maintenance of all variations and models of heaters and heat systems.

In designing heat systems, we use advanced computer programs coupled with years of hands-on experience to model potential blockages, pockets, or heat-loss regions preventing proper heat flow, to ensure an efficient heat design.

We dedicate the same attention to the installation of a new heater, whether simply replacing the heater or the entire system, so the new unit provides a warm, comfortable environment, regardless of the temperature outside. There has never been a better time to update an old system. With the fluctuating and increasing cost of fuel and the availability of newer, high-efficiency heater models, a new unit offers a cleaner, cheaper, more reliable solution. And with our highly trained staff of heating technicians we are able to offer installation, repair, and service assistance for all makes and models of boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps. Whether your preference be gas, oil, electric, or propane, Michael Mechanical is fully prepared to meet your heat needs.

With proper maintenance of your unit you will see a return on your investment with the money saved each winter in fuel bills. That's why Michael Mechanical offers comprehensive maintenance plans that scale to the owner's preference and budget.

Our Heating Services

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Reasons to upgrade your Home Heating System


New heating units allow for greater control of the comfort of your indoor environment. With better air filtration options, a new forced air system, whether a furnace or a heat pump, can remove allergens and contaminants from the air. And by installing a humidifier with your forced air system, you can alleviate the worries of scratchy throats due to that too dry winter air. Boilers too offer amazing advancements in home comfort with the introduction of an array of radiant heat options. All systems can benefit from improved programmable and wi-fi thermostats which better monitor indoor and outdoor temperature to provide more even heat throughout the day.


In 2006 64% of residential gas fired furnaces were recorded with an AFUE of 75%-88%. Which means that for every dollar of fuel, you were receiving approximately 75-88 cents worth of actual heat. The remaining was blowing straight up the chimney and out of your wallet. Today's top of the line furnaces fire at an impressive 97%. So over a period of time, a new furnace pays back on fuel costs. Add in the advancements in thermostats, providing programmable schedules and monitoring outside temperature changes to modulate the indoor demand, new heat systems have made every effort to give customers the most value for their dollar.


A new boiler or furnace unit can be significantly more efficient than your older model heating unit resulting in a cleaner burning system that burns less fuel more completely to provide the same amount of heat. This benefits the environment by both using less fossil fuels and putting less contaminants into the air.